October 15, 2019

Business Action Plan

All businesses have to start somewhere and build a solid foundation for sustainable growth. Although all businesses are different, an appropriate Action Plan is required for a successful strategy of either a start-up or a large enterprise. Such Action Plan must be developed and implemented through consistent consideration of all relevant internal and external factors of the organisation and industry, respectively. We contribute the legal angle of the planning and decision-making processes throughout the lifecycle of a business.

We collaborate with the business and financial consultants who drive the commercial and financial aspects of an organisation. We therefore help management teams and investors from a legal and regulatory perspective with project acquisition, planning, development and finance - from inception to conclusion.

The overall business viability, including SWOT analysis, risk-management, target market and funding requirements, are reviewed and evaluated using a holistic approach. Of course this exercise highly depends on the nature of the particular enterprise and respective industry or sector.

Also we undertake ancillary legal services, including establishment of a business structure with substance, acquisition of property, procurement of any requisite licenses or approvals, advising on data protection and security, and registration of intellectual property rights.

As lawyers and business advisers, we align the legal aspects with the commercial purpose and interests of all stakeholders involved, by working closely with senior management. Once we complete the requisite setup, we remain close to the business processes and projects to ensure that we are up-to-date and in a position to act swiftly.

We understand how financial analysis leads to the final business decision and the desired milestones. We seamlessly combine our technical skills, financial acumen and commercial awareness to provide optimal, customised solutions for our clients.

To sum up, we assist our clients with their overall strategic direction as part of their wider business strategy. We help organisations design and implement initiatives to improve functionality and transform their operations processes. We do so by deriving their business requirements and procedures with regard to their desired strategy viability. We subsequently identify and execute high-priority projects across all levels.

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