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Cyprus: A Leading Maritime & Shipping Nation

Kourtellos & Co understands the crucial role of the maritime and shipping industry in Cyprus, driving economic growth and connecting the island nation to global markets. As a boutique law firm with international expertise, we are committed to providing expert legal guidance to clients operating in the dynamic maritime sector. With our deep understanding of Cyprus maritime law and extensive experience in shipping-related matters, we offer comprehensive legal solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of ship owners, charterers, operators, logistics providers, and maritime businesses in Cyprus.

Cargo Ship at Sea

Understanding the Cyprus Maritime Landscape

Cyprus enjoys a strategic geographical location, a thriving maritime industry, and a robust legal framework, making it an attractive destination for maritime activities.


At Kourtellos & Co, we recognise the nuances and opportunities presented by the Cyprus maritime sector. We stay updated on local maritime regulations, international conventions, and industry best practices to provide innovative legal advice that supports our clients in navigating the complexities of the Cyprus maritime landscape.

Comprehensive Legal Services

Our law firm offers a wide range of legal services specifically designed to assist clients in the maritime and shipping industry in Cyprus:

  • Cyprus Flag Registration and Vessel Documentation: We provide expert assistance in Cyprus flag registration, ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Our team facilitates the smooth registration of vessels, offer guidance on vessel documentation requirements, and address legal issues related to vessel ownership, mortgages, and encumbrances. We streamline the registration process, enabling our clients to benefit from the advantages of Cyprus flag registration.

  • Maritime Contracts and Documentation: We offer comprehensive legal support in drafting and negotiating maritime contracts and documentation specific to the Cyprus maritime sector. This includes charter parties, bills of lading, shipbuilding contracts, ship sale and purchase agreements, and ship management agreements. Our team ensures that these documents align with Cyprus maritime laws, protect our clients' interests, and mitigate potential risks.

  • Maritime Litigation and Dispute Resolution: In the event of maritime disputes, our associated litigators represent clients in maritime litigation and dispute resolution proceedings. We handle matters such as cargo claims, collision cases, salvage disputes, vessel arrests, and insurance claims. Our team's deep knowledge of Cyprus maritime law and dispute resolution processes ensures effective advocacy and favorable outcomes for our clients.

  • Regulatory Compliance and Flag State Matters: Compliance with Cyprus maritime regulations and flag state requirements is paramount for ship owners and operators in Cyprus. We provide expert guidance on compliance with Cyprus maritime laws, international conventions, classification society rules, and safety standards. Our legal experts assist in navigating port state control regulations, environmental requirements, and flag state matters to ensure our clients' vessels operate within the framework of applicable regulations.

  • Ship Financing and Leasing in Cyprus: We assist clients in Cyprus with structuring ship financing arrangements and negotiating ship financing agreements. Our attorneys have extensive experience in ship mortgage transactions, ship leasing, ship registration under the Cyprus flag, and flag state issues specific to Cyprus. We provide comprehensive advice on ship finance options, vessel acquisition, loan agreements, and security arrangements under the Cyprus legal framework.

  • Maritime Insurance: Insurance plays a vital role in managing risks in the maritime and shipping industry. We offer guidance on maritime insurance matters, including hull and machinery insurance, protection and indemnity (P&I) insurance, cargo insurance, and freight liability. Our attorneys assist in policy drafting, claims management, and dispute resolution related to maritime insurance matters in Cyprus.

Contact Us

Whether it's Cyprus flag registration, maritime contracts, litigation, regulatory compliance, ship financing, or insurance matters, our experienced team is committed to helping our clients navigate the intricacies of the maritime and shipping industry in Cyprus. Contact us by email at or by phone on +35725725705 to discuss your legal requirements.

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