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Cyprus Business Law with Kyriacos Kourtellos: Guest Lecturer

Kyriacos Kourtellos, our Managing Director, visited the University of Lancashire in Cyprus as a guest lecturer, sharing some insights on Cyprus business law and the critical components of establishing a company in Cyprus with a bright group of students.

Drawing from his years of experience and expertise, Kyriacos provided a comprehensive overview of the legal landscape governing businesses in Cyprus. Kyriacos dived into the key considerations and procedures involved in the establishment of a company in Cyprus. From company formation to compliance with regulatory frameworks, his presentation offered guidance young and mature students. Through his analysis, attendees gained a deeper understanding of the legal intricacies and best practices essential for success in Cyprus' business environment.

Through clear explanations and real-world examples, he addressed key potential challenges and opportunities inherent in Cyprus' legal framework. His pragmatic approach resonated with attendees, equipping them with the insights needed to address legal issues effectively. Kyriacos actively engaged with the audience, inviting questions and facilitating enriching discussions. This interactive format fostered a vibrant learning environment, enabling participants to dive deeper into the nuances of business law.

We are delighted to have Kyriacos Kourtellos leading by example and inspiring the next generation of legal practitioners.

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