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Our Story

Kourtellos & Co was founded in 2019 by Kyriacos Kourtellos, a well-rounded legal professional with extensive experience from top-tier and Big 4 law firms. Drawing from his several years of experience, Kyriacos envisioned a boutique law firm that would combine international expertise with a client-focused approach.

With passion and determination, Kyriacos assembled a team of talented and dedicated multi-disciplinary professionals, each bringing their unique skills and expertise to the table. United by a common goal, our team at Kourtellos & Co set out to provide exceptional legal advice to our discerning clients.

With our meticulous attention to detail, broad and deep know-how, and innovative problem-solving, we consistently delivered optimal results. Clients trusted us to navigate intricate legal landscapes, secure favourable outcomes, and protect their best interests.


Kourtellos & Co quickly gained a reputation as a go-to law firm and remains true to its founding principles of quality, integrity and client-centricity. Our team thrives on the satisfaction of exceeding client expectations, making a positive impact and forging lasting relationships built on trust.

As Kourtellos & Co continues to develop, our team remains committed to providing exceptional legal advice to our discerning clients.

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