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About Us

Our law firm was established in 2019 by Kyriacos Kourtellos, with extensive experience from top-tier and Big 4 law firms.


Kyriacos envisioned a boutique Cyprus law firm that would combine international expertise with a client-focused approach. With pure determination, he put together a team of multidisciplinary professionals and set out to provide bespoke legal advice to high-end clients. 

"Kyriacos is an excellent and very professional lawyer! Definitely recommend! I trust him fully." - W. Neef

With meticulous attention to detail, broad and deep know-how, our firm consistently delivered optimal results. Clients trusted us to attend to their high-stakes legal affairs, secure favourable outcomes and protect their best interests. We gained a reputation as a go-to Cyprus law firm for affluent individuals and family offices, and remain true to its founding principles of integrity, quality and client-centricity. 

Our team still thrives on the satisfaction of exceeding client expectations, making a positive impact and forging lasting relationships built on trust. As our firm continues to grow, we remain committed to providing exceptional legal advice to our discerning clients who benefit from our commitment to obtaining results.


We approach each case with tenacity to achieve favourable outcomes efficiently and effectively. What sets us apart is our dynamic approach. We integrate within our clients' teams, establishing a collaborative partnership to achieve their goals. Seamless collaboration lies at the heart of our approach and our extensive local and international professional network allows us to offer global reach to our clients.

Leveraging our privately-owned premises and robust information technology infrastructure, we operate securely, efficiently, and effectively. We prioritise confidentiality and protecting our clients' sensitive information.

Contact Us

Contact us by email at or by phone on +35725725705 to discuss how we can support and protect your interests.

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