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Daniela Malkova
Head of Operations

With prior experience at a leading Czech steel and wire fabrication company, Daniela brought her expertise to our team in 2022. With her background in managing complex projects and coordinating diverse teams, Daniela facilitates the seamless execution of our legal services.

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As an integral part of our team, Daniela works closely with our legal teams to ensure the delivery of first-class service and the successful execution of projects. Her strategic role encompasses managing resources and monitoring progress throughout the entire lifecycle of our projects.


By optimising cost management, pricing strategies, risk assessment, resource allocation, and client communications, she plays a crucial role in enhancing our operational efficiency and client satisfaction. 


Daniela's strong organisational skills and attention to detail ensure that our projects are executed with precision and excellence, further enhancing our commitment to delivering exceptional service to our clients.​


Bachelor's degree in Communication and Human Resources, University of Economics and Management of Prague in the Czech Republic.


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